the beginning

February 03, 2016  •  2 Comments

ugh. blogging is HARD guys. it should not be-i talk to myself all damn day! i should be able to just type it all out! right? but no, i have put it off for 1 week, 1 month, no really, 1 year. so much great reading out in the blogosphehere...what to say? what to do? all i can think of is to proceed honestly. you will learn i am like a lot of creative people and a little flighty. if you can keep up jump on this crazy train with me.

so about this picture making business, this is serious, y'all. this is my heart. nothing makes me happier than seeing someone's face light up when they get it! to have another person see you have captured that split second in time just as they have imagined...priceless. first entry and i am already using cliches! but for real, memories are a funny thing. memories get lost in the shuffle, worn and warped with time. preserving them forever is an art. there are so many amazing artists out there whose medium is a camera. so let's start with that. even i have favorites! when you are thinking of creating timeless art for your memory preservation look at everybody's portfolio. there are so many great ones! and every one has their own style. so, like with life, go with what resounds with you. always follow your heart!

my heart is usually by the sea (we will get into how i am certain i must have been a mermaid another day) so here is a little sea shot for you.

end of post numero uno. whew! so glad that is over!



Diana Weisser(non-registered)
You took the first step! Congrats. I'm excited to follow in the journey with you. The creative minds do think alike ;) follow your heart!
Madeline Morris(non-registered)
love that you have started this. this first blog is awesome, looking forward to reading more. good luck with
the studio, you deserve it. love ya
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